ManU bar-disco-restaurant opens in Jakarta

Targeting "millions of Red Devils fans" in Indonesia, Manchester United Food and Beverage (Asia) Pte Ltd opened on Friday a branded "MU" restaurant, bar and merchandise outlet on the main boulevard of central Jakarta, replacing the Hard Rock franchise which had occupied the site for 10 years. The 930-square-metre venue's layout has been changed to incorporate two large screens on the upper right wall of the bar and and the right wing of the place designed to resemble a football bench.

The outlet outside the bar sells about 150 kinds of ManU merchandise, from paper clips, pins and wristwatches, to ladies T-shirts, polo shirt and red MU jerseys from Nike. A red MU jersey of 2004/2005 vintage, with "Nistelrooy" imprinted on the back, commands the highest price, at Rp 720,000 (approx US$80).

"Indonesia is a very important market, offering us many growth opportunities. The restaurant and bar we are unveiling today is just the latest step in the development of our activities in Asia," ManU Football Club chief executive David Gill said in a press release.

"Manchester United is a well-known name in Indonesia, with millions of fans. With the opening of this outlet we are brought closer to them," he added.