Disagreement over future of China Super League

The Chinese Football Association is in disagreement with the National Sports Bureau over a proposal to bring in a World Cup style tournament to replace the China Super League, Sinosoc reported. The idea was to cancel the CSL and Division 1 championships from 2006-2008 and replace them with a group stage and knock-out competition lasting no longer than two months. The remaining 'league' time would be used for national team training toward the 2008 Olympics football tournament.

But at a recent meeting with the CFA at Team China's training base in Xianghe, all fourteen CSL clubs voted against the proposal amid fears that replacing the league format would put off sponsors from investing in Chinese football.

The National Sports Bureau has since abandoned its idea, with the CSL to continue as normal, Sinosoc advised. Relegation will be introduced from next season in an attempt to attract investment from sponsors.