Bundesliga looks to increase TV revenue

The Bundesliga wants to bring in more television revenue so the German league remains competitive on and off the field with top-flight soccer in England, Spain and Italy. A Bundesliga official said Friday that the league's TV rights are worth €1 billion a year to its official broadcaster. The German league reportedly earns less than its major European rivals despite high ratings.

The Bundesliga earned €300 million this season in television income, however Bundesliga manager Christian Seifert said experts believe Premiere Pay TV - the league's main broadcast partner - signs up half of its 3.3 million subscribers because they want to watch soccer. "That means the TV rights, from their view, must be worth €1 billion," Seifert said.

Bayern manager Uli Hoeness suggested the league play a noon match in Germany so it will be shown in prime time in Japan to build support in Asia.

But Franz Beckenbauer, the country's most influential soccer figure, is not in favor. "Flexible times is something we have to talk about, but please, no games at 11 a.m. on a Sunday," he said.