Malaysian admin "best in this region"

One year into his contract, Malaysia’s national football coach, Bertalan Bicskei enlightened the Malay Mail with a number of observations and choice quotes about administration …
In terms of administration and organisation of the sport, I think Malaysia is one, if not, the best in this region. For sure Malaysia is better than Thailand or Indonesia in that sense.
And the level of play …
The teams cannot train as much and as hard as a professional coach want them to because of the weather. It is sometimes too hot and not conducive to conduct a session of hard training which includes physical and technical practice.

Secondly, a footballer does not go through his formative years equipped with all the education that one goes through in Europe. The development at grassroots level and age-group teams leaves a lot to be desired.

Thirdly, Malaysians in general are too nice. They lack the ruthless streak, the aggression, the meanness to become winners. I think Malaysian footballers need to be more aggressive if they want to compete and survive on the global stage.