LG Cup kicks off again in Vietnam

The LG Cup 2005 the major football event in Ho Chi Minh City [Saigon] is reported to be scheduled to kick off 20 to 24 September with Vietnam’s U-23 team facing the U-21 Syria, U-23 Bulgaria and the South Korea Universities team.

With a US$40,000 cash prize for the winner, the two runners-up will respectively earn US$20,000 and US$10,000. In addition, 15 million VND will be given to the fairest player and the best footballer and goalkeeper will be awarded 5 million VND each.

According to new FIFA and Asian Football Confederation regulations, the four teams will play a single robin round, meaning each team will only stage a total of three games against its rivals at the tournament. The team with the most points from the three games will be champion.

In last year’s LG Cup, Vietnam was defeated 4-3 by Korean Universities in the final game.