Everton to make Thailand a "real blue country"

Everton chief executive Keith Wyness cannot wait to witness the reception Everton will get in the Far East, where they are sponsored by Chang beer and have academy links, reports Sporting Life.

"It's exciting going to Thailand for the Asia Cup, it gives us the chance to get used to the travelling that goes with football at the top level", Wyness said. "The flying, the hotels, the organisation. The whole experience will give us a good idea of what it will be like when we start playing in the Champions League.

"All that is an important part of modern football and going to the Far East will be invaluable experience for them all. The lads, I'm sure, will be stunned by the level of support in Thailand for us and English football.

"There's a huge level of interest in Everton. From the moment the players set foot off the plane to the moment they leave, they will be stunned by how we they are received and how Everton is growing in support in Thailand. We aim to make it a real blue country."