Everton Acadamy selects three Thai youths

Three Thai youngsters will experience English football training after being selected to join the “Chang-Everton Rising Stars Year 2” programme. Sakarin Chanyotha, Ronnachai Rangsiyo and Naruephon Aromsawa were named yesterday at a press conference at the headquarters of the Football Association of Thailand.

Year One of the programme, part of a sponsorship deal between Chang Beer and Everton FC, was successful as the first two boys, Sompong Sorlarp and Rattanapol Piyawuthisakul, have already graduated from the Everton Academy. The latest programme involved more than 180 youngsters taking part in a three-day selection trial under the management of Ray Hall, the Everton Academy manager.

“It was very difficult to eliminate any one of them. So I had to select the ones who were really outstanding,” Hall told The Nation. “I have to say congratulations to the boys who qualified, wish them well and hope they have a great time at Everton. For those who failed to make the cut, I believe if they continue to work hard, their time will come one day.”

Hall described Ronnachai as a striker "which any team in the world would like to have. He can score a lot of goals, play well with either foot and has awesome pace". he described Sakarin as having "a very good left foot and has good technique both when receiving and passing the ball." He said Naruephon "passes the test because he shows very good sportsmanship and is good at passing both long and short balls.”